Left over mashed potatoes

Had the family around for roast lamb and vegetables and this time for something different I made the potatoes mashed instead of roasted. I over guessed how much I’d need by a reasonable amount. I popped the leftovers in the fridge, a bit of broccoli a bit of cauliflower and a bit of carrot.

So the next night my left over veg became potato balls with a bit of mashed veg.  And they turned out great.

My mashed potato and mashed other veg was popped into a bowl with a small handful of grated cheese (don’t over do the cheese as it leaks into the pan and burns), some salt and pepper and fresh parsley.

I rolled my potato balls into some store bought bread crumbs then shallow fried (about 1ish centimetre in the pan).

Once browned on both sides pop onto paper towel to drain and serve with whatever you wish.

*Note this works best with firm mashed potato you need to have the balls keep their shape, if it’s a bit runny try adding another cooked potato or add a bit of plain flour to thicken.

You can use both boiled and steamed leftover potatoes and veg just give them a mash with a fork,  if you need you can add a small egg white but a lot depends on how much potato you have, play with it and see what works for you it’s a very forgiving recipe.

Just enough for hubby and I.


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