… And into 2017 a tidy up.

Summer school holidays are almost over 1 week to go, so for me work starts back next Monday.

I must say I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished over the last weeks.

Christmas day was busy but good.

Mr21 and his fiancée had their first gathering at their house on new years eve.

Mr26 is no longer with his girlfriend.

We sold a car to my niece who is learning to drive and so happy to have a car of her own.

The house was cleaned, when I say cleaned I really mean cleaned out, all those items I’d kept in case Mr21 wanted them for his home he’s now happy with what he has picked and chosen, so out it goes, donation.

I sold small odds and ends in furniture. I was happy they all went to good homes.

Clothes, tablecloths and other odds and ends went to donation places for op shops.

I then went into my craft room and went through papers, stickers, ribbons etc that I was given or don’t use any more and they will go the Mr21 fiancées day care centre for the kids.

And paperwork no longer needed, why did I keep so much? In the shredder.

I feel light.  There is probably so much more I could do without, we all gather stuff over the years but I think that it’s good to lighten the load regularly so to speak as our living requirements change over the years.

Do you go through and give the cupboards a good going through every year or two. I do if only to know what I have and be thankful.

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