Greeting cards

Lots of people ask, do greeting cards get sent through the snail mail any more?

Yes, yes they do and I’ve sold more than I usually do, not that I sell hundreds of them but I’ve had enough extras to do to keep me busy.

Personalised 18th and 21st are always popular as they usually involve a photo of the recipient at some stage in their life and a favourite colour and if you wish a personal verse inner printed.

This year it’s Australiana Christmas cards to send over seas as many people can’t travel to meet family in other countries. It’s kept me busy and I’m lucky these can be embellished/decorated as I wish. Sometimes specific orders/briefs  can freak me out as I’m worried that they won’t be liked, but they are.

Do you send letters or cards via snail mail? I do, especially the random one here or there as it’s amazing how a thought on a piece of paper can make some one happy and thought of, bring a smile to a friends face.




    • Jennifer Marsden on November 21, 2020 at 11:31 am
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    Your cards are always beautiful Kathy. I feel honoured when I have received one. Do you advertise to sell anywhere?

  1. Jennifer, no I don’t advertise as such it’s mostly word of mouth, from friends, friends of friends, family and their friends to which I always have a stash of made cards at home and they’ll ask for the box to choose or if I can insert a name or number to make it more personal. I can be contacted through email via this blog if you’re after something similar to what I have already pictured in my gallery. Papers come and go so sometimes it’s similar but not quite the same.

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