Decoration storage

Do you have proper storage for your decorations Christmas or otherwise, or do you just wing it like me and use what’s available?

I have the one big click clack storage box that all my containers fit into. I sewed a sack a few years back to tie up and store my Christmas tree in.

As you can see I have a plastic biscuit container, a very large pretzel jar (they were good pretzels), a wafer stick jar and a spinach container that fit most of my breakables/crushables.

Ziplock bags, paper towel and dishcloths are my smaller storage and go betweens.

Do you throw out broken or not liked anymore ornaments? We have more ornaments than we need but I like to mix and match things differently each year so only throw away broken ones.

We don’t have any particular sentimental ornaments. I was happy as long as my boys helped put up the tree, which they did. Taking down the tree and clean up and packing was always left for me.

Outside lights and decorations is the domain of my hubby and as long as it’s not stored in my house spaces I’m happy 🙂

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