Egg storage

How do you store your eggs? When I was a kid living in a rural town we had our own chickens and mum would keep the eggs in a basket on the bench and the eggs would be dated with pencil. After moving from that town and no chickens habits changed.

These days I keep my eggs in the fridge why, because when I buy them they are in the refrigerated section (though depends on store I visit at the time) and when I get home they go in the fridge, I  never really thought about it.

I don’t have an egg section in my fridge it seems to be a hit and miss feature these days. I keep my eggs in the bottom carton section when the top and an end is torn off to fit into a plastic container to keep them together, in all it holds 18 eggs. I discard and replace the cardboard when needed. I buy large/extra eggs and the previous fridge had a holder for tiny eggs.

When new eggs are bought if there are old eggs still left in the container I mark the old eggs with a marker to show the difference in old and new so I can use them first.

Do you have a method of keeping track of the age of your eggs so you don’t have to throw out old ones?


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