Cowboy Cookies

Many years ago I was in an international postcard swapping group and I received a few recipe ones. After recently finding a stash of these post cards on the top shelf at the back of a cupboard (I know it seems I have endless cupboards) I decided to make these “Cowboy Cookies”.

1st off I had to find out what the heck a can of coconut was, was it coconut cream, coconut milk as they are the only ones I’m aware of that come in cans or was it desiccated or shredded coconut and what is a can measurement?

Turns out the recipe is old and a can is how something between shredded and desiccated coconut was sold though now it’s sold in a packet. Packets/bags is how it’s sold here in Au. I used 1 cup of desiccated coconut in this recipe as that is what I have in my pantry. It’s not milk or cream.

Sugar, these are a very very sweet biscuit I found, my husband said it was like eating a handful of jelly beans at once and what a sugar high in one biscuit, I concurred.

I made these biscuits and popped a tray of 8 in the oven to cook which were the ones we sampled when cooled.

For the rest of the mix before cooking I mixed in another 1/2 cup of plain flour and 1/2 cup of quick oats ( I processed a few oats to make oats finer) to tone down the sugar, they were a bit dryer but still spread into a nice biscuit shape.  Adding the extra toned it down a bit but they are still a very sweet biscuit so play with it. The adding of choc chips makes it sweeter still, I used mini smarties.

If I made these again I’d cut the sugars by half I think and maybe the butter down.

A can of coconut is probably more than 1 cup and the recipe states 2 cans so maybe add more than my cups worth but I’d make sure it was unsweetened.

Makes approx 70 biscuits/cookies


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