Chocolate custard tarts

I’m revisiting my pineapple tarts, of course we know that once you have your tart case/shell what you fill it is open to your imagination really. Last week I made a batch of sweet pastry

Blind bake pastry cases for about 10 mins.
– Chocolate custard.
Directions on the back of your custard powder with a smidge less milk.
+ 1 tablespoon of cocoa.
+ 1 extra tablespoon of sugar.
I made my custard in the microwave stirring ever minute until it bubble and boils, watch out it rises quickly. Stir to cool a little and stop the skin forming.
Take pastry cases out of the oven and pop in a tablespoon or so of the prepared chocolate custard, sprinkle with optional coconut and place back in the oven for 4-5 minutes, watch the coconut. Carefully take out of pie tins and cool.
I keep mine in the fridge until eating usually the same day.
Don’t want to make custard, use thick bought custard instead. Want other flavoured custard use snack packs. If you’re feeling fancy make proper egg custard. Use sprinkles when serving instead of coconut.

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