Fitted bed sheets

While changing the sheets on our bed this morning I was thinking that the elastic in these fitted sheets will need replacing soon. I’m glad I buy sheets that have the elastic in a channel around the outside and not the ones with elastic sewn around the outer edge.

Why you ask, it’s much simpler to just make a small hole, pull out the old elastic and thread in some new, yippee sheets again are elasticised.

It’s not impossible to replace the elastic when it’s sewn onto and around the fitted sheet, just more time consuming and a bit fiddlier.

Cut off the old elastic and fabric it’s attached to. With about 10cm wide fabric fold in half length wise to make a false channel of sorts like bias binding (which if you buy the wide bias binding it’s very suitable to sew on and use), pin right side to right side so the finished edge will be tucked under and sew onto sheet edge (it should give you 3 layers). When you’ve pinned around and the ends meet tuck in a little to give you a neat edge. Sew. This will give you the tube to thread your new elastic with a large safety pin tie off and make it fitted again.

Just be aware depending on your bed sheet size depends on how much ‘bias’ you will need, it can be several metres so measure. You will need slightly less in elastic, you can actually buy sheeting elastic, but you can use other.

Use any fabric you have on hand that will make it around no one will see it tucked under your bed. Just make sure you measure how long your 10cm strip needs to be.

Apologies in advance if I’ve not got my words out of my head and into print in the correct order it’s the bane of my existence but hopefully you get the idea 🙂

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