Burp Cloths

After googling around for a bit I figured that the easiest way to make a burp cloth was to just cut my rectangle. I’d then round my corners with a glass for a simple over the shoulder throw. The second burp cloth I made I thought I’d go fancy and shape the around the neck portion which was easy enough to do with a bit of sketching until I was happy with my shaping.

Easy to then sew correct sides together, turn and top sew.

I did learn however not to do too much of an indentation on that neck shaping as you have more maneuvering on the machine while shaping, then you have to start snipping the corners and it’s just easier not to. 

In my below picture I used flannel as the bubs will be winter babies and not sure if I’ll need cooler cotton for later on I think that will more be bibs.

Ahhh things have certainly changed in the last 30yrs.


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