I learnt something new today

Approximately 22 yrs ago I bought a cheap blanket, it was on the small side but at the time price and a child size blanket met up. It was a great blanket but the nylon count made it a tad sweaty and sticky if you got a little to warm.

So I found an old sheet in my cupboard and put a backing on the blanket tidying up the edge with the backing being bigger than the blanket but tucking all the edges around and in neatly. Loved it as it washed well, traveled well (being a blanket and sheet all in one) and it’s aged well as I still have it.

As I’m going to be a Grandma in May and also June next year and it being winter then I decided to look at things to make for a baby. I found a lovely little blanket titled self edged blanket that looked exactly, though with nice mitred corners, like my simple tucked in cornered blanket.

Now I know what I did 22 yrs ago has a name, go me. They are easy to make so I’ll have a make a couple of baby themed ones.

My 22-ish year old blanket with a sheet backing.

Sheet (or any cotton lining)  bigger than the main fabric 10-15 cm all around.

Right sides together. Sew down both longer sides.

Turn the right way in so good side is facing out. Tuck under and under top and bottom.

Top stitch just the top and bottom end or go all the way around.

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