Broken sweet biscuits or savoury crackers

What to do with a box of savoury crackers that are mostly broken or crushed or even a little stale?

Pop the broken crackers in the food processor and give them a blitz then coat your chicken with them instead of bread crumbs.

Sprinkle over the top of a potato bake.

Broken or slightly stale sweet biscuits (cookies) can also be put in the food processor to give a quick blitz.

Add some oats and chopped almonds or nuts and sprinkle them over stewed fruit and bake for a crumble type dessert. Cream biscuits can be used but I split and take the cream off first.

You can use the broken biscuits in cupcakes just mix into the batter before baking.  I like the contrast of choc biscuits in a white cupcake. Or if they are small enough pop on the bottom of a cupcake paper and pour the mixed batter over to make like a base for your cupcake or muffin.

Pastry bottom with fruit or custard in then crumbs on top to bake for a dessert.

How fine or how chunky you blitz the biscuits to crumbs is up to you and how you’re going to use those crumbs.

Kids are notorious for not pushing all corners of my containers down so they can go a bit stale, it may be just my household maybe not, but I hate to waste them.

Sweet biscuits can also be broken up more mixed with melted chocolate, coconut and nuts or marshmallows or sultanas or whatever you think goes well together. Refrigerate and cut into cubes.


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