Bed sheet table cloths

I have a table that is oval, big oval, so it’s too short for standard rectangle bought table cloths or way to expensive to buy the next much bigger size up table cloth and even then you are limited in your colours and patterns.

Single bed flat sheets were my solution. Sometimes you may have to take/cut a little off one end but hey you can make those into 4 or 6 matching napkins if you can sew a straight line with either a machine or by hand (roll under and under again to match the other hems)

A plus is that although we personally use summer cotton sheets on our beds all year round, no flannelette for us in winter it’s not that cold, you can usually pick the sheets up on sale after summer.

Kids single bed sheets have some really fantastic and bright colours to match most kitchens or dining rooms or contrast if you’re after a pop of colour.

If your kids are small and prone to spilling things they are only sheets and can be put in a NapiSan/ bleach solution.

They also last a very long time as they are pretty good quality, though that does depend on the thread count of your sheets.

If you buy a pair, as in a fitted and and flat sheet set you can use the fitted sheet for the patio table as the sheet scoops under with the elastic and the wind won’t blow it off easily or they’re great for picnic tables.

We are a family that sits at the table every night, even if there are only 2 of us home, and eat our dinner together.

Eating dinner at the dining table all together is our way of catching up on days events or when Mr25 comes over for dinner, even if it’s with 10 minutes notice, to catch up with his life and silly events.

*My safety note, this all depends on your kids or grand kids, I know people who wouldn’t touch table cloths because they can be pulled off by toddlers/children and anything on top of the table ends up on top of the child.

When my kids were little I would put a cloth on for dinner and set the table and high chair, take the cloth off again and use again for the next night if it was still clean. If drinks spilled the table cloth soaked it up and the mess was not so big.

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