Zucchini Cake

Zucchini, also known as a courgette is something I’ve done a little experiment with this last week.

A friend was making a zucchini brownie recipe,  a zucchini was keeping the fat content down.

So I figured I’d try throwing in a zucchini to a normal cake mix and see what the results would be, after all it would have to be more healthy, it’s a vegetable in a cake.

I made my chocolate cake from scratch.  I added I small to medium grated zucchini (roughly 1.5 cups-ish and took out a 3 tablespoons of oil (it’s a large cake mixture so it had more zucchini in it). Ultimately a chocolate zucchini cake and it worked. The cake came out nice and moist, you couldn’t see the green skins that were grated into the cake.  I iced this cake and served with a dollop of cream for dessert and no one in the house picked it had zucchini in it. Yay mum.

I also made a vanilla packet/box cake, I took out only 2 tablespoons of milk as oil or shortening was not needed and added a small grated zucchini as it’s a much smaller mix than my chocolate one above.  This turned out to be a nice moist cake, BUT if you don’t want green flecks through your cake you may wish to peel them first, it didn’t bother us, it looked like confetti.

When mixing in my zucchini I coated it really well into the dry ingredients then added the wet ingredients and beat again.  I did this by hand.

For both cakes I baked in a slightly cooler oven I took it down so less 5*C than the recipe stated and I cooked a little longer only a few minutes each it depends on your oven. I skewered to make sure the centre was done and cooled them both in the cake tins.

So for me that was a win and an experiment that went well.  My experiment next baking day will be to see how a zucchini goes in a normal brownie recipe.

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