Water melon time.

It’s not summer until the 1st of December but the weather is getting warmer and the temperatures are rising, for us that’s water melon time, yum!

When buying a whole one I like to cut it in half and cover one half with cling wrap, then pop in the fridge. With the other half I like to cut it in half again, the wedge quarter, then into slices.

Personally I find that when water melon is cut up it will be eaten much quicker than if it’s left for each person to slice as nobody can be bothered, it goes in the too hard basket.

When I cut my wedge slices I pop them into a container with the green rind on the bottom and the pointy end, up I find they last longer as the flesh is not sitting in it’s own juice. If the lid will fit then it gets the lid on if it doesn’t the container gets cling wrap over the container to cover. Water melon in our house generally gets eaten quickly especially if it’s one of those weekends lots of people or my boys are dropping in and out.

Have you tried water melon with mint? When you cut it up and pop it on a plate/platter tear fresh mint leaves over the top and eat with the melon, it’s quite tasty. You can also go the fruit smoothie way and have this melon with mint leaves, very refreshing. Enjoy


    • Kathleen Caterson on November 6, 2016 at 3:42 pm
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    Popular in our house too. It’s pretty much in our house most of the year due to our son, it’s his favourite, though when it gets over the $2/kg mark I sometimes think twice.

  1. I think we are very lucky here to grow water melon here pretty much all year round. Our family mostly eat it when the weather heats up. I find it’s really refreshing to eat after a meal, it’s sweet, it’s crunchy and just really nice 🙂

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