The sewing basket

The sewing basket, raid it, raid some one elses! My mum doesn’t sew as much as she used to, but she has other shades of cotton I don’t have. Ask people if they have any leftover sewing items, small bits they no longer need.

In the sewing aisle you can buy eyelets (maybe not all colours) hole piercers, tracing wheels, cottons, ribbons by the metre, buttons, braid. You can still match buttons to ribbons like the pre matched and packed, it just takes a little time on your part, you pay for the convenience of pre packed matching items.  Check it out first and compare.  Be aware of prices, just like groceries.

I’m probably not suggesting anything that you’ve not already thought of or done previously.  Sometimes I think we forget to go back and revisit, to see how creative we all were back at the beginning when we just started our crafts with minimal tools and money.

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