Table cloths

I’m a tablecloth sort of person. I think it’s easier to shake one out after a meal than clean place mats and a table.   We’ve always had a 6 seater table. Table cloths can be expensive and are not always made out of kid friendly sturdy fabric. Single bed flat sheets are the best and longest lasting table cloths I’ve ever owned.  You can nappy san/bleach a sheet if food falls on it. If you buy at the end of summer sales, sheets are cheap as chips, and there are also some wonderful bright colours to match your decor.  If they are too long for your table, cut one end off and hem (easy peasy) and you could also have 2-4 matching serviettes.  Fitted single sheets are good for a BBQ table as they curl under and won’t fly off as easily in a breeze.  I own only 2 actual purpose bought tablecloths and that is because our now rectangle 6 seater expands to a square 8 seater.

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