Sunday roast

On Sunday just past I put out a piece of pork to roast for dinner. It didn’t defrost even in this heat. So at 4pm I popped the roast in the fridge to roast for Monday night dinner.  We ended up having chicken drumsticks that I had pre cooked and frozen and salad.

Last night, Monday, I got my knife out to score the rind, I got my baking tray out, my oven on.  I got my piece of pork out only to discover we were having roast lamb for dinner not pork.  That will teach me to pack my meat away in the freezer without a label.  Usually I can make out what that roast meat is, no need to label.

The roast lamb was delicious, I sprinkled on some rosemary lemon pepper with a little olive oil. Roast lamb for lunches today.   I was kinda looking forward to the crackling though!


    • Kathleen Caterson on February 18, 2014 at 2:37 pm
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    Sunday’s roast became Monday’s surprise

    • Jennifer Crewe on February 19, 2014 at 8:42 am
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    Roast lamb is yummy. Don’t get roast anything much anymore since there is only me. Occasionally I will get invited to friends for a roast lunch. Very nice and enjoyable when that happens. But no-on make roast beef and yorkshire pudding like my mum did.

    Found the maths problem so I can post this.

    1. Jennifer my mum and I were only talking about how hard it is to do roasts for 1 person this morning. She started roasting a lamb shank like a lamb roast.

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