Seasonal wardrobe rotation.

Do you rotate your clothes in your wardrobe to go with the seasons, as in put your winter clothes up high when summer comes in, or put your Summer clothes high up and out the way when Winter comes around?  It’s also the time to donate those clothes you know you don’t want any more.

Well we are 1 month into our allotted 3 months of winter June, July and August.  June was very mild and to be honest until last week we were still getting around in shorts and t-shirts most days of the week. Bam! 1st day of July and for us a very cold night and day minimum down to 5*C our maximum for the day to be 18*C.  And always windy.  We do not get snow in our south east corner of Queensland.

So today I’m scrambling around the top of my wardrobe for my extra jeans, my jumpers (sweaters) and my  jacket and my  coat, I even own a scarf and a beanie hat. But as I said it’s not that cold for that long.  We don’t own a heater and we don’t own air-con they are not worth the electricity prices.  Ugg boots, dressing gowns and blankets keep us warm at night watching tv.  We do have electric blankets that warm up the beds.

What do I store our (hubby and I) seasons clothes in when I pack them away?  Plastic zippered bags that your doonas/duvet and blankets are bought in. I have 2.  They are labelled with a slip of paper slid down inside so it’s easy to read and reach up to get.  You can take the paper label out easily when you put your clothes away next season.

I also have the stackable click clack containers, it took a while to find the right configuration of tubs to fit in a specific area.  I collect the silica gel sachets from my shoe boxes to pop in the tubs to keep them dry.  My son also works in a store that they throw these out when boxes are unpacked so he keeps them for me.

Shoes, now that is a whole nother matter, closed winter shoes are now out on the very low shelf in the wardrobe and summer under the bed, hubby doesn’t need to know how many of those I have, even if I didn’t pay full price for any of them.

So all in all I keep the season that is in down low and easily accessible ….

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