Santa sack / Pillow case

As we’ve been lucky enough to welcome a Grand daughter and a Grand son into our family this year, I’m getting back into the baby gifts.

Seeing fabric sales all over the place I went to grab some for santa sacks for the G’kids gifts, Christmas fabric is not as cheap as I remember it being.  Pillow cases are a much cheaper alternative. So here is how I made 2 pillow cases into simple Santa sacks.

The yellow line in each picture is where I sewed, my cotton was a really good match.

I continued the stitching around the back half (pillow scoop inside) of the case to give the consistent line around the top.


I sewed the bottom section of that pillow scoop so that it sat flat inside

Find the ribbon I wanted to use to tie the sack I sewed to the middle of the bottom part of that pillow scoop, the extra thickness making it a bit more sturdy to pull and tie.

I had several thoughts on how the ribbon would keep the sack tied/gathered.

You could sew a few loops to thread the ribbon through then tie.

The pillow case could be unpicked, cut off the inner pillow scoop piece to use as a casing to make it a draw string bag.

If you are not a sewer you can still use an iron on adhesive to keep the scoop part to the pillow case outer down and sew your ribbon on by hand.

If I’ve confused you more by my instructions (what’s in my head does not always translate to my typing skills) let me know via comments and I’ll help you all I can.

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