Rissoles, meatballs, hamburger patties

Rissoles, meatballs, hamburger patties … Whatever you’d like to call them, in our house the only thing that makes them different is the size.

Meatballs are small and round, hamburger patties are large and flattish, rissoles are somewhere in between those two in size.

Mr19 works from 5-9pm on a Thursday night, he has a short break to have dinner so I have to figure out a dinner I can make in advance for 3 but one that he can eat easily and quickly at work.

Tonight I’m making chicken hamburgers for dinner with hot sweet potato and potato chips on the side for hubby and I.  Mr19 will have his as a cold chicken burger, he’s happy.

Do I have a recipe I use for rissoles, meatballs or hamburger patties?  No not really.

We all know you use the meat mince of your choice.  An egg to bind.  Herbs for flavour.  Maybe a tablespoon or 2 of bread crumbs.

My chicken burger patties for tonight will be made of…

1 kilo of chicken minced meat (or make your own in a food processor with chicken breasts)

1 large egg

I used sweet chilli sauce for my flavouring 2-4 tablespoons.  (Be aware this has a fair bit of sugar in it, too much in your pattie and the sauce seeps out. It will burn in the bottom of the pan, don’t have the pan too high in heat to cook. Use chopped chilli).

A bit of chopped coriander (also known as cilantro) dried or fresh.

A couple of tablespoons of breadcrumbs.  I use quinoa flakes or quick oats, chick pea flour, rice flour etc.

This makes a reasonably wet chicken mix but I find it all sets together well, cooks nicely and they are not dry in the middle when cooked. I pan fry with a little olive oil and put the lid 3/4 on as they cook a little quicker that way and still brown up.

Out of my kilo of meat I made 3 burger patties and 8 rissoles.  I cooked them all up, cooled then froze the rissoles with freezer plastic between the layers for another time.

With beef mince I tend to make with a squirt of bbq sauce and mixed or Italian type herbs. But the same process as above.

Lamb goes well with cumin and coriander powder.   Mint sauce in the mince and topped with Greek yoghurt on the burger.

Of course you can add grated carrot, zucchini, onion, very small cheese chunks.  Mix, match and experiment.



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