Cleaning out the laundry cupboards.

In some ways having good cupboard space in your laundry is a bad thing, you tend to just throw things in there no matter what great order you’ve usually got your cupboard in.  Not only that, the others that live in the house with you tend to throw things in, as lets face it they don’t want anything to do with washing or cleaning laundry.  In my house no male does!

So this Monday morning I opened my big cupboard to get out some more laundry powder (I buy in bulk and decant to a smaller container) and couldn’t get to it as there was car wash, car touch up spray cans.  All things big boy ‘car stuff’ in the way.  Oh I also found some spilt dry dog food that no one bothered to pick up, that would be my youngest even if he is 19.

So far all the car ‘stuff’ has gone into a storage tub as I’ve emptied the cupboard for Mr 19 to throw out what he doesn’t need, eg: empty spray cans, dried out car putty etc.

I’ve reassigned some smaller clear tubs (all the better to see things in) and am now almost finished the large double door cupboard on one side of the room, yippee!  Then I have to work on the above the washer and laundry trough cupboards that have the spare light bulbs, shoe polishes, smaller washing powder, sprays etc.  Why do I keep 4 spare sprayers for pre wash bottles?  Then under the trough cupboards, I think I saw car polish in there with some rags that were used for polishing that should have been instantly thrown out.

My laundry is at the end and 1 side of my double car garage, that’s how I end up with all car stuff scattered in it seems all cupboards.  1 Car fanatic son moved out a while ago, 1 slightly less car fanatic son still at home, but they both manage to do car stuff here still.

By lunch time my laundry will look as good as my kitchen, I hope.  Will it stay that way for more than a couple of months?

A place for everything and everything in its place.


    • kathleen caterson on May 26, 2014 at 7:42 pm
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    Sounds like you had a busy morning. Always feel good after sorting out cupboards etc.

  1. I had 1 small bag of things, odd things that I wondered where they came from, I’m sure I didn’t buy/collect them and no one else has claimed them, they were donated to a charity.
    At the moment my laundry is looking pretty good.

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