My green bean salad

I am so not a fan of the 3 bean mix salads, I don’t know if that comes from to many family get togethers and it being put on my plate when I really didn’t want any when I was a kid.

This green bean salad is a hybrid of others I found around somewhere way back when.  This is the way I like my bean salad.

The weekend before last I served this and other salads up for dinner.  Mr23 was telling the story to his girlfriend how I’d pre made a cold dinner before the appointment for his braces to be put on his teeth.  The Orthodontist was an afternoon apt and I wasn’t sure how long the process would take, and what time we’d be home, forgetting that he probably wouldn’t be able to chew after.  Ooops!

I then had to redo his dinner a bit, so it was vitamised green bean salad, vitamised chicken, celery and mayo and mashed boiled egg and mayo and had to be put in separate piles on his plate, or it looked like baby food.  He wasn’t missing out on his favourite green bean salad. Dessert was a huge milo thick shake. Yes he was almost 16 at the time, but you can’t separate a boy from his favourite foods.

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