My funny baking moment …

My funny baking moment I wasn’t even aware of making. My inlaws came over for morning tea and I decided to make some fresh pikelets and as far as I was aware I made a fantastic batch. My pikelets formed nicely, they rose and were nice and fluffy and everyone enjoyed them topped with jam and freshly whipped cream, a good morning tea.

A couple of weeks later when I saw my son and his family we were saying it was nice to catch up with the grand parents and they both started laughing.

Why did they laugh, well it turns out that my son found (by biting into it) a bay leaf in his pikelet but didn’t want to embarrass me so slid it under his plate. We all cracked up because he did it so well and no one was the wiser … except his wife.

You see I put bay leaves in my flour containers to stop the weavils,  we have hot humid summers and I don’t have the room in my freezer to store the big containers. Bay leaves seem to do the job.

I was totally unaware that that rogue bay leaf had slipped in as I had measured the flour, mixed the batter, poured the pikelet and flipped it and had no notion it was there.

So my question to you, have you had any similar funny moments with your baking?


    • Mrs Kathleen A Caterson on September 19, 2020 at 11:49 am
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    LOL I put a wooden skewer that was near the cooktop, into the boiling pot of spaghetti. I thought it was a piece that had missed the pot when I snapped it. Hubby found it in his spag bol.

    1. Well I can’t say that I’ve done that Kathleen but I know I’ve done some other odd things lol

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