Make up, how long is the ‘use by’?

It was pointed out to me many years ago what this little symbol on the side of a moisturiser/make up/lotion bottle or jar meant by a friend who works in the beauty industry. I myself use facial moisturiser and body lotions most days, the Aussie weather can dry out your skin pretty quickly even in winter. I’m not a huge make up wearer though, mascara being my most used.

This symbol means that once the jar or bottle is opened you have 12 months to use it, it loses is goodness after this time. The months do vary depending on what you’ve opened and of course the time symbol.

I think this is why I have a penchant for dating my items because there are so many different dates to be observed it’s easier to remember when you’ve written the date in big bold numbers. Have I said I love my sharpie marker lol.

Do I use over the dates yes, I don’t think there is anyone out there who doesn’t. Most commonly it’s because you just know that you opened it sometime last year, or maybe the year before and you paid good money so therefore you’re going to use it all.

At least if you know your opening date you can make an informed decision or  better guess as to how much over that goodness date you go.



    • Diana L. Overby on June 18, 2019 at 10:32 pm
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    Great idea. I’ve noticed the numbers on containers, but never thought about them! Happy to know now however. Not being a big fan of make up either, and use very little. I have plenty of Sharpie pens and using this information! Thanks!

    1. There are dates on lots of things but sometimes they are just along with a whole lot of other numbers and unless it’s pointed out by some one who knows, they are just a set of numbers without meaning.

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