Knife sharpening

Do you sharpen your knives as they need it or do you just put them aside and do them all at once?

I have a tendency to sharpen them all at once unless I’ve used a particular knife a lot recently. I can use a steel to knife sharpen but to be honest that way for me is a long, slow and laborious endeavour. I have a fantastic knife sharpener these days, a kitchen ware store chain closed down and I bought one for 1/3 of normal price, love it and it’s so easy.  For mine you hold the knife upside down firmly on the bench top and run the sharpener along the top and curve of the knife.  So far so good and no accidents … fingers crossed, knock on wood!

When I sharpen my knives I also always make sure I let the household know.  Accidents do happen cutting food up with a sharp knife, been there done that and I now have an interesting thumb print with a nice slice line through it. Saying that mum did tell me she’d sharpened the knives but you know teenagers.

You have to take care of your kitchen utensils, these days they don’t make them like the used to.

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