Hot buttered corn cobs

A long time ago as a teenager I worked in a fast food store. One of my jobs was to cook and package the corn cobs sold as a side. I changed it a little over the years but only because I use less butter and of course I don’t let it sit in foil bags before it’s eaten.

This is the method I use for my buttered corn cobs.

1 large pot half filled with water on stove top boiling.

Pop your corn cobs in and cook for about 4-5 mins.

Into boiling water just before you take the corn cobs out pop in a tablespoon or two of butter. Let the butter melt and turn the stove off.

Bob the corn cobs with tongs in the buttered water to get a coating of the butter on the corn.

Lift the corn cobs out slowly and shake a little to take the water off and the butter should stick to the corn nibbles where needed.

If you’re serving on a platter crack a bit of pepper over the whole lot.

The butter content is really up to you and your calorie likes.

If I’m doing corn cobs in the BBQ you can either put your hulled corn cobs together in aluminium foil brush top of the cobs lightly with melted butter (pepper optional) and wrap all up to cook, the butter melts through from top to bottom. Or singly in foil depending on your needs.

Leftover corn can be shaved off the side of the cobs and are great sprinkled over salads or in a salsa.

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