First Aid kit

We all have the requisite first aid items in our bathroom cupboards for those little accidents, usually the kids. What can I say but last time it was me who cut myself up with chicken shears, dripped blood everywhere and found my sadly depleted stocks but enough to work with. Yes I’d let things run down since the last one left home I didn’t think about lil old me or hubby.

As I was cleaning the boot of my car out yesterday I found my cars first aid kit, not that it was lost just shoved to the back where it’s not commonly seen. Yesterday I saw it and wondered was it 1 or 2 yrs ago that I last looked at the stocks in there. You don’t necessarily go down in stock unless you use it but the ‘use by’ and ‘best by’ date well, go out of date. The band aids lose their stick or stick to their wrappers so you can’t peel them. Saline solutions will eventually go out of date and other bits and bobs depending on what you store in yours.

Over here you also have to be careful as the car will sit in the sun the boot of your car heats up and heat affects some of your items in your kit, for example pain relieving tablets. Kits have different needs in different countries, you won’t need for snow what you need for heat.

The first thing I did with my first aid kit when I bought it many years ago with take out all the cloth band aids as I’m allergic to whatever glue stuff they put on the back, saying that those cloth band aids do make good tape for bandages. I also put in other things that I think I’ll need and use, a small pkt of tissues, a face cloth, a tea towel (these are good for soaking blood if need be, wrapped over your face to keep out a bit of smoke or dust), a beach towel, can be used as a blanket or to even wrap up an animal if need be. Find things that have multiple uses. The web also has other ideas as to what you could keep. This is in my car all the time and gets added to if doing a long trip.

My state is big, you can drive from my place north to the top of Queensland for 24 hours straight and still not reach the top. Western Australia is twice as big.

Have you checked your cars first aid kit recently?



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