Eeeek! 2 months until Christmas.

It’s been agreed upon who is hosting our main meal of lunch for Christmas day, my sister in law.

I asked my sister in law if she had any ideas on what she wanted to serve (she has habit of leaving things to the last minute) and what it was that I needed to bring as our contribution. Brownie cake (round) and potato salad, yes! easy stuff. I’m happy about that.

As far as salads go potato and rice salad are the easiest to make in bulk as you can get stuff ready in advance and throw together just before you go.

Brownie cake, I can make those and pop in the freezer then defrost and decorate on the morning. I’m not sure if she’s going for bbq or cold meats.  The weather man predicts a hot day as per usual.

I’ve made a start on my Christmas cards, I’ll have to get cracking to get the amount I need to send out, 2 down many more to go.  I’ve already sent my Christmas cards to the donation places for the overseas service guys and girls.

Christmas x2 robin. carolers


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