Easy dips

One of the quickest and easiest dips we have in our house is the good old cream cheese mixed with sweet chilli sauce with an extra dollop of chilli sauce on top.  You can make up as much or as little as you like.  It keeps in the fridge for about a week but to be honest a 250g tub always gets eaten over a weekend.  People always stop in.

For those who like it extra spicy add an extra chopped up chilli.

I’m a roughly mix it in person who is not too bothered with how smooth it turns out. The extra dollop on top spreads out to cover any perceived imperfections.   Really it comes down to what you think looks good.

So with that in mind try other sauce and relish flavours for your easy dips.

Corn, tomato or gherkin relish.


Roasted garlic.

Salsa of your choice.

French onion soup mix (sachet).

This can be mixed up in no time.  I usually have cream cheese in the fridge as it  has a longish use by date.  The rest, well there is always a jar of something in the pantry or fridge that it can be mixed with to make a dip.

You can use sour cream as your base instead of cream cheese, it does make a softer dip but it is a nice alternative.

Recipe here

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