Donations for Kindy or …

I’ve been a card maker for many years now and I’ve also done scrap booking, I make boxes, I make envelopes and after cutting up all those larger pieces of card stock then the smaller pieces and then there are the multi packs that come with patterns I’ll never use (not even for envelopes) I end up with a box of stuff.

I also end up with ribbons or wool, lace, string, stickers, wrappings and a whole host of other stuff from my crafts over the years that are good to use just not by me, I donate it to the local kindy.

When my kids were in school I used to give it to their classrooms, then I used to give it to my friends with younger children and now I give it to my almost daughter in law for the child care centre she works at.

I have no need for it but it’s too good to throw out so I’m glad that kids somewhere are getting good use out of it as I remember when my kids were at kindy that they’d bring home those Easter, Mothers day, Fathers day and Christmas items, now some other parents are in on the fun.

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