Do you rinse your fruit and vegetables?

I’ll clarify that to say do you rinse/wash your fruit and vegetables when you get them home and before you store them in the fridge or pantry?

I never used to. I’d pack them away in my fridge or pantry and wash or peel them just before using. I do wash certain fruits now before I pack them away and I’d have to say the wash and dry before storing is making them last longer.

Use enough white vinegar in the rinsing water to just be able to taste it. I use my kitchen sink. And you must drain extremely well or pop on a towel and give a rub down, take away as much water as you can. Then you store them as per usual.

My strawberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, peaches, apples etc  much longer this way.  I know it’s not a new thing but it is new to me, I’m always behind the times.

I guess it depends on how often you shop as to how much in bulk you have to buy.  I generally fruit and vegetable shop once or twice per week though it really just depends. It’s also nice not having food go off too quickly.


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