Cutting it short … s

While packing away my winter clothes, as summer is only a couple of weeks away, I decided I didn’t like some of my jeans or long pants anymore but they would make great shorts or 3/4 pants. I popped the pants on and decided how long I wanted those pants to now be and put in a pin. Measuring from the bottom of the leg I pinned both legs the same added 5 or 6 cm and cut (so they are longer than you need).  That extra 5 or 6 cm gets tucked under and under to be sewed in a new hem or over and over to make a cuff to show on the outside. Hand sew or machine sew to finish.

I also found a couple of long sleeve t-shirts that I no longer wanted to be long sleeved. Measuring against other t-shirts I cut the sleeves off to make short, I did not bother to hem as they gave a slight roll on the edge and I think still looked ok. Hem if you wish but don’t forget to leave a little extra length to tuck under.

I was happy how they all turned out, it made me think of when the boys were young and the long pants of winter became the shorts of summer, they were then worn out and thrown away being well used. Works for girls as well.

If you’re industrious and wish to use the cut off sleeves they make great dog toys by knotting off one end, stuffing with old socks or other then knotting off the other end.


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