Loo paper, toilet paper, toilet tissue or …

No matter what you call it most house holds probably go through a roll or so a week, unless you’re in a house full of females and we go  through quite a bit more.

In the warmer months of the year my bathroom window is always open unless it’s raining,  when the wind comes in it has a tendency to unravel my roll. I mentioned my wind caused, toilet roll unravel woes to a friend of mine many years ago and she said, squish the roll. I did and it worked.

I mentioned my newly found information to another friend and she said her cat unrolls hers to play with, the cat now only scratches the couple of end squares.

This toilet roll squashing also had another benefit, it stops you and the kids from rolling a lot of toilet paper you probably need don’t  off the roll to use, so you don’t go through quite so much.

Down side though I’ve found is that when you go to the loo in the middle of the night and go to tear those precious little squares off, the thunk thunk thunk of the squashed roll makes a bit of noise when you’re otherwise trying to be quiet.

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