Cream cheese icing/frosting

I don’t ice a lot of my cakes unless they are to take out to family or friends, I figure I don’t need the extra sugar in my diet.

I do on occasion make cream cheese icing. Many years ago when I went searching for the cream cheese icing the recipe I found they varied a great deal mostly with the butter/margarine content, this is what I came up with.

Cream cheese icing …

250g softened cream cheese, I get the 60% less fat.

1 tablespoon margarine.

1/2 fresh lemon.

Some icing sugar.

Beat cream cheese and margarine in a mix master (or by hand)

As the cream cheese is mixing add a squeeze of lemon juice and about a tablespoon of icing sugar, taste. Keep adding the lemon juice and the icing sugar until you get that nice cream cheese to sweetness to tartness taste you’re after, what tastes good to you.

Spread onto your cake evenly and refrigerate.

This spread tastes great on chocolate cake sandwiches  which you can refrigerate or freeze.

Same method as above, leave out the butter and spread onto a ginger snap or ANZAC biscuit, yum!

Need it more lemony add some lemon zest.

Picture is on a red velvet cake.

cream cheese icing


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