Coffee grinder for all sorts of stuff

Reading that you can grind spices in a coffee grinder I thought why not get a cheap one.  WOW I’m so happy I did, not only can you grind spices it can also do almonds or nuts, oats, seeds and all sorts of stuff.

I must say that my coffee grinder is not a big one it only holds about 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup at once. Give the nuts or seeds a rough chop first or a blitz in a processor so the grinder doesn’t need to work as hard or long to grind and the nut or seed meal, it comes out so fine.  As the grinder has fine to coarse settings you have a little control over how fine you go.

Small batches is the down side but if you have a little time to do a few batches at once go for it. This is the finest I’ve been able to get with oats to make oat flour and is so much better than the processor. Of course it all depends on what you’re using your ingredients for.

….. I think I might have to give rice a go next.

I may be late to this discovery but I’m very happy I made it.

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