Board games

Since my Mr men have moved out we’re not so likely to play board games or other games that much any more my hubby hates them, a game of UNO is about his speed. I decided to clean out the 3 cubes on the floor in the cupboard and figure out what games are actually worth keeping, what has all it’s parts still and what games are likely to be played by those grand kids I’m going to have one day.

Over the last few years as gifts they boys have received their own set of board games for their own house holds, one even took up jigsaw puzzles, personally I hate them esp if they have more than 16 pieces.

After all was cleaned, packed properly back in their boxes I didn’t really throw any thing out just re organised and popped on a few pieces of sticky tape here and there, some boxes are pretty old.

This empty nest thing seems to be ongoing …. bring on the grandbubs.


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