Vegetable storage

How do you store your vegetables?

There are so many ways we store our vegetables to get the longest shelf life out of them. I have those vegetables that I kinda buy once a week or I go a couple of times in passing stores while I’m out to pick up a few of those that don’t last so long. I’m not that far from the shops, but I try not to unless I need to make unplanned shopping trips.

I take my broccoli, cauliflower, capsicums, beans, carrots etc, wrap in paper towel then pop it into a freezer bag. Squeezing all the possible air out of the bag then twisting and sealing with a twist tie and popping in the fridge makes them last longest for me. If for some reason the paper towel gets damp almost wet replace it.

Oranges, potatoes, onion, sweet potatoes etc all go into a basket at the bottom of the pantry.

There are lots of fruits that of course just get eaten straight up within a couple of days.

I do have a veg garden but it only supplement my veggie buying or I give away what extras I do have.

What your family eats depends of course on what you buy and also seasons play a part. We are now in spring and strawberries, mangoes, pineapples are out. With our summer Christmas stone fruits of plums, peaches, apricots, cherries etc come out. I love my spring/summer fruits they are eaten quickly and never last long in this house.

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