Make up brushes clean up

It’s summer, hot and humid and by the time I’ve put my moisturiser (mine has a sunscreen)  on my face has broken out in a sweat again. One day we just might get air conditioning in the house.

My make up foundation is a mineral powder put on with a kabuki brush. With my nice summer sweat and with the subsequent blotting the brush still gets a little clogged.  So at least once a year I get my make up brushes out and give them a clean.

A lot depends on the quality of your brush, mine came with my make up at the time it’s now 3yrs old.

For me what I find works well is my make up remover.  My remover is a cream. I wet and rinse my brush first, wet again then pop a little remover into the palm of my hand and gently moosh it around.  I rinse as much out as possible then do it again rinsing until the water runs clean as possible.

I then grab a towel and gently squeeze. I lay the brush down on it’s side turning a couple of times to a dry area of towel or tissue. When the brush is mostly dry give a little fluff and stand the brush on its end so the brush sort of puffs out again, do this a couple of times. Let it dry completely and naturally before putting away.

I’m not an every day make up wearer but I do like to keep my make up tidy and looked after. I do go through my lipsticks and give the sides a wipe with a tissue especially if I’ve not used them for a little while.  I wipe my eye liners after each use as they do go on your eyes. (I hate eye problems and eye drops so I guess I have a thing about being clean and eyes lol).

It doesn’t hurt to give all your brushes a bit of a clean or at least a tidy up.  If you don’t use it any more, throw it and decide if you need another one or you don’t need that item any more.

I’ve heard that baby shampoo also works but I’ve not tried this method so can’t comment on how well it cleans brushes up.

Make up does have a use by time.



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