Dusting chocolate

I was given a coffee machine for my birthday a couple of years ago it makes a pretty good cup. I’m not a big coffee drinker during Summer but now it’s cooled down to Autumn and Winter is approaching I’ve been having a few more. I use low fat milk but I’m not willing to give up the dusting chocolate for the froth on the top, some things just have to be.

Running out of dusting chocolate the last time visitors were over and not putting it on my shopping list it was long forgotten until I wanted a nice cappuccino on the weekend.

Dusting chocolate is basically icing sugar and cocoa I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

*1 tablespoon of cocoa + 1 table spoon of icing sugar, sift together and store in an air tight container. If this is not to your liking play with the proportions until you’re happy with the outcome. Everyone’s sweet tooth is different.

If you’re wanting a quick hot drinking chocolate to warm you up you could use a couple of heaped teaspoons to sprinkle over warmed milk, dissolve, then for the extra touch grated chocolate on top. You may need different proportions or more than 2 teaspoons for a much larger proportions of milk to drinking chocolate.



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