What’s your tradition?

Regardless of whether you’re religious or not what traditions do you and your family share at this time of the year? Northern hemisphere it’s kind of cold and wintery and in the Southern hemisphere is kind of hot and humid, are the traditions the same or similar or totally the opposite?

For us on the eastern coast of Au about halfway down it’s hot and humid at Christmas time.

We go for evening walks around the neighbourhood to look at the light decorations on houses and a drive further afield as Christmas gets closer. We don’t have that wonder of the boys being small anymore but we enjoy the walk anyway and our home is on the list of lit up houses.

Our Christmas meal is generally a cold affair with some seafood thrown in. Cold ham, cold chicken, cold roast beef and the like and generally salads, no hot kitchens for us. Sometimes there’s a big bbq depends on whose house it’s at.

There is also that lovely 6 weeks of summer school holidays so with Christmas gifts the kids are kept occupied until school starts back at the end of January.

I hope however you celebrate your holiday season it is every thing you wish for.

Merry Christmas to you.


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