Todays frugal

After making my burp clothes for the grand kidlets (it was cheaper to buy a towel than by the metre) I had strips of perfectly good towel left. Depending on the measurements of those strips as my towels were different sizes I made different things.

With the wider and larger pieces I managed to make 6 face clothes they are rectangle and not the usual squares but are large and will do the same job.

I also made 11 new make up remover pads that were 3 different group measurements. Basically I cut them in half then half again, then ran them through the overlocker (serger) for the binding edge, a close together zig zag stitch from your sewing machine would do the same job.

My messy sewing room is now so much cleaner.

There was also a pair of pants for hubby to hem, a pair of pants for me to shorten and a piece of flannelette to quickly overlock and edge for a bassinet top sheet.  All done.

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