The tidy up.

Our house is by no means perfect it is after all a lived in house that has grown 2 boys, has 2 dogs with hair who even though spend their time outdoors still manages to get hair all over indoors, grass gets tracked in, spills happen and even a few dust bunnies find their way in, but it is a clean house.

On the whole though it’s vacuumed a couple of times a week, it’s swept during the week, it’s mopped during the week and it’s pretty tidy.  Generally we are a tidy bunch.

Do you panic clean when you know your family or friends are coming to visit for an event (Mums day, Dads day, birthday,  Australia Day etc) even though you know your house is tidy? I used to until I decided that my floor was perfect before the visitors but was a mess of all the above things and then the food/crumbs that were dropped and some walked on and ended up on odd places.

These day I don’t stress about it unless I find a bunch of dust bunnies that snuck in when I wasn’t looking, they seem to collect near the skirting boards on the floor tiles,  grass or dog hair that collected near the dust bunnies.

The floor, I sweep/mop/vacuum when everyone has gone home and hubby has done the dishes (a job he does) and I have that floor to myself and then that becomes then one less job for me to do  during the week. I can’t go to bed and leave a mess.

On the whole I’m a take me as I am for drop in visits, though sometimes I over think things and I get in a panic lol.



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