Strawberry season

Yes it’s my favourite season of the year once again. Strawberries never used to be my favourite as when I was a kid I’d break out in hives when I had one. Thank heaven I grew out of it as my Nana used to make the most wonderful strawberry short cake tart/flan with the strawberries we’d collect from her garden.

I’m not so great at growing my own strawberries but they do pop up in my garden from the compost at times.  I then have to fight the dogs to get to them first if they are over hanging at an edge.

Replenishing my freezer stock for smoothies etc is well under way and my fresh ones to eat are going pretty quick from the fridge but getting replaced quite frequently.

My favourite snack right now is a couple of tablespoons of greek yoghurt, a dessert spoon of maple syrup to sweeten it up and about half a dozen chopped up strawberries, heaven!

Strangely enough I’m not a fan of strawberry jam or strawberry topping/flavourings, like mango I like the real thing. Mango will be my next favourite season to come along as Christmas gets nearer.

I love these warmer months …. maybe not in the middle of the summer heat with no air con!

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