Stock piling household items

In light of the Corona/Covid virus going around stockpiling household items has become the main topic of  conversation.

I can’t speak for anywhere else in the world but here in Australia everyone has gone nuts over buying up all the toilet paper. None to buy anywhere. Next I think it was wet wipes, disinfectant, bleach and tissues. Then there was a sort of second wave of buying up where rice, pasta and long life milk made empty shelves.

I was lucky that the week before Corona became a big thing I’d bought a big bag of loo paper, but having to dole it out to family members who were short of a roll and get togethers here our stash was dwindling. I felt like I’d won the lotto yesterday when I finally found some loo paper on the store shelves, not much but I got some.

Do I stock pile, no but I do have enough food in my cupboards and freezer to get hubby and I by if we had to self quarantine for 2-3 weeks. I’d also have friends and family to call on to buy me anything I’d need if I asked. Drop it at the front door and I’d never have to breath near them.

There is so much correct and incorrect information out there in the big wide world made easier to hear and see with social media and news everywhere, it’s hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

Do you stock pile and if so how do you go about it?

Wash your hands very well and take care everyone.

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