Steamed potatoes, changing them up

We love the humble potato there are lots of them to choose from and there are different potatoes for different jobs.

I don’t go into it to much I am by no means that knowledgeable, but I know what I like and generally stick with that.

Starchy potatoes make great potato salad I generally stick with the purple skinned ones.

After that I go with washed potatoes or the plain old dirty unwashed ones depending on what’s cheapest or how pretty I want them to look for an occasion.

I generally quarter my potatoes but a lot depends on size, small I keep whole or I cut in half.

I don’t peel my clean potatoes unless I’m mashing them  (I use butter/margarine and milk) but I do peel the dirty unwashed ones, mostly because I can never clean them enough to my liking. Use a nail brush to clean them up they are so cheap.

Once steamed you can add all sorts of  flavourings to make them different try ….

A knob of butter with ground pepper, toss.

A bit of butter with a bit of chopped fresh parsley, chives, mint or whatever takes your fancy, toss.

Toss potatoes in a little pesto.

Serve the steamed potato and top with a little grated cheese (the heat melts it just enough) and ground pepper or chopped herbs or pop under the stove grill for a couple of minutes to brown it up.

Toss with a little precooked (pan fried) chopped onion and bacon OR add the potatoes to the pan to toss all together before serving. Pop this in a hot oven for 15 minutes to crisp up a little.

All of these options go well mixed in with mashed potatoes.

There are many more options out there it really depends on your families taste and likings.

Steamed or boiled potatoes don’t have to be boring.

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