Single sock uses

Keep those single socks! Any socks that don’t have a matching partner, or any socks that no longer fit anyone get thrown into a bag and in the cupboard for later use.

The uses for those socks …

Pop one on your foot and dust the skirting boards down and the edges for your tile or lino floors.

Put one on the end of your duster to get those cobwebs down, it’s easier to clean a sock than the duster.

Put a tennis ball in the sock and tie it off this makes a great tug and throw dog toy, gets a hole replace it.

Put on one your hand to dust down the window sills or wipe down the bath/laundry basin.

Put on on your hand to dust/wipe down venetian blinds.

To clean those socks, throw them in the wash with the work clothes or other cleaning cloths, dry and put away for next time.


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