Sales sales sales

We’ve never really had sales advertised as Black Friday sales before, sure theword sales gets used a lot and many of them are at this time of the year but not Black friday sales, apparently it’s a thing over here now, who knew.

I’m not above picking up a good bargain no matter the name and I did.

Each of my boys are making my hubby and I grand parents next year, 1 in May and a couple of weeks later in June. For me it kinda feels like twins. They’ll be winter babies.

My sales were fabric sales and some already marked down winter fabrics are now half that price again as my closest store was having a 50% off sale. But I did notice at 50% the fabric is actually dearer than buying a finished clothing item some times.

Unfortunately winter stuff at this time of year, you know summer being in 2 days is either scarce or the fabric that is left is unfortunate in it’s print or colour.

I did pick up some flannelette in various colours and a couple of nice unisex prints for a blanket or backings. It was cheaper to buy a nice white bath sheet towel than it was to buy toweling for burp cloths and bib backings. I’m also making some flannel bottom wipes, napisan is still something I use to this day to clean and sanitise clothes.

I haven’t thought much about what else I’m making yet, I know I have a bit to keep me going and I can’t wait until winter 2020 for my first grand babies to arrive.

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