Revisiting Impossible pie

I’m revisiting the Impossible Pie (coconut) recipe because I learnt something tuesday night, I learnt that you may want to make a recipe healthier but it’s not always possible to mess too much with the original recipe.

I thought I’d cut the butter/margerine portion of this recipe down ( I have already done this in my recipe notes)  but it appears that it’s probably something I shouldn’t do again.

A) it made the custard portion of the dish watery,

B) I didn’t get that slight thickening of the flour for the base to appear,

So the upshot is that if I don’t get that slight base I’ve basically made a baked custard and I really don’t like a watery type of custard.

It still made up ok and everyone still ate it, the dish was empty … but it was not my best effort and I won’t do it again.

Do you keep notes on what you’ve changed on your recipe and if you’d make it again or not?

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    • Kathleen Caterson on March 27, 2017 at 4:27 pm
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    Yes, I write the changes on the recipe. If it’s in a book, a tick is put on the page for Yes, make it again. A cross is for NO, it’s awful. If it’s a page pulled from a magazine or handwritten of a piece of paper, it gets typed up, if it’s a winner. If not, it gets tossed in the bin.

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