Oreo cupcakes

I say oreo but in reality you can use any biscuit that fits in the bottom of your cupcake papers or silicone moulds.

Split your oreo cream biscuit and pop a half, cream side up, in the bottom and spoon the cake mix over the top. Bake as per usual cake recipe. If you don’t like or don’t want cream biscuits, just use a plain one.

These can also be made with raw biscuit dough. Roll a small ball and press flat to a disc then pop in the bottom of your cupcake patty papers.  Top with cake mix and bake as per usual cupcake recipe.

Try orange or lemon centred biscuits and top cupcake with an orange or lemon icing.

Break up some extra oreo biscuits and mix into the cake batter.

Use your usual chocolate biscuit recipe.  I’ve used this choc chip biscuit recipe (raw dough) with and without the choc chips.

I’ve used this plain choc chip biscuit recipe (raw dough) with and with out the chips.

This can be made as a biscuity cake slice  (sorry couldn’t think of a better name).

I like the contrast of vanilla cake on top of a chocolate bottom or vise versa.

Just something different from the usual.

Oreo cupcake below.

oreo cupcake


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