Are you a memory keeper regardless of whether you have kids or not?

Once upon a time I kept most things from now Mr 29, I kept a little less from now Mr 24.

I quickly discovered that while I’d stored mostly clothes correctly things like elastic/shirring or stuffing in animals that elastic cracks and breaks and stuffing in animals decomposes … not everything as it does depend on how it’s made. Absolute cleanness is definitely needed in clothes or those brown spots that you did not see when packing away will be easily spotted and not easily cleaned again. Live and learn I say.

Over the years what I’ve kept for them became basic and what I thought they actually like to use or pass on.  Ask them if they want it kept.

I kept their 1st divided dinner plate, cutlery set and sippy cup. They have a blanket each, a few soft toys. A couple of sets of clothes that pertain to each child. Books, I’ve kept them all from Peter Rabbit to Harry Potter and Horrible Histories. And some school related items.

When their kids come along I’ll pass it on along with the photo albums I’ve made over the years for each.

Be selective, enjoy what you have or collect, if it no longer gives you fond memories donate it to a charity so that some one else can have the items happiness.

Do you display your collection, do you use it or does it hide away in a cupboard?

Oh to be a fly on the wall when I pass away to see what my boys make of my collections and what I’ve kept.

What do you keep?


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